2nd edition of The Pregnancy School

The 2nd edition of the Pregnancy School brought to you by Young Heart Foundation in Partnership with Madina Polyclinic R/C and Naana Gaizey of HTPC, on the 8th July 2017

In discussion: Labour and Delivery Exercises for pregnant Women
For women who have never exercised before conceiving, there’s much to be gained from adopting an appropriate exercise program while pregnant, and beyond.
While frequent trips to the bathroom throughout the night, weight gain and hormonal changes will often have you feeling frazzled during pregnancy, there are many benefits of regular exercise during pregnancy.

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

  • Lifts your spirits – exercise boosts levels of serotonin, a brain chemical linked to mood, putting you in better spirits.
  • Prepare your body for childbirth – labour requires stamina, focus and plenty of determination; the fitter you are, the better equipped you will be for giving birth.
  • Reduce constipation – by moving more you’ll accelerate movement in your intestine.
  • Faster return to pre-pregnancy healthy weight – you will gain less body fat, making it easier to lose the excess kilos once baby is born.
  • Sleep better – exercise can assist in managing restlessness and disturbed sleep during pregnancy.
  • Maintain a level of fitness – if you were a regular exerciser before falling pregnant, you’ll be keen to stay in shape.
  • Reduce stress – pregnancy is both a joyous and stressful time, exercise can temper the emotional rollercoaster.
  • Reduce pregnancy discomfort – exercise can help manage back pain and strain as your belly grows.
  • Improve your self-image – exercise increases the blood flow to your skin, giving you a healthy glow.
  • Me-time: – it will be the last time you can enjoy your exercise high without having to coordinate babysitters and sleep times once baby is born.
  • Preparation for the physical strain of labour
  • Quicker post-labour recovery time

Pregnant women doing exercise with instructor

Pregnant women doing exercise

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